Back in 1950 on North Liberty Street, Bud Sharpe started running a print shop with 2 employees, 1 blueprint machine, and $800 in inventory.  In 1956, he formed his own corporation, Southern Photo Print Company. When interviewed in 1964, Bud Sharpe gave this quote to The International Blue Printer:

“We have the know-how and the reputation of being specialists.  Those who doubted that there was skill required in turning out quality work soon learned differently.”

almost 70 years later…

Sharpe Co. still has a reputation for being specialists.  Whether it is our ability to customize online plan rooms, provide state of the art printing equipment and service, or provide retail graphics and signage, we are a leader in the reprographics arena.

We understand impactful solutions are not achieved through a cookie cutter approach.  By offering unique solutions to help your company be successful, our highly trained staff and state of the art equipment deliver the results our customers have come to expect.

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“A Family of Companies Where Service is Personal.”